Top Construction Contractors in Your Area

Welcome to our article highlighting the top construction contractors in your area. Whether you have a commercial or residential construction project in mind, finding the right contractor is crucial for success. These construction contractors are experienced, licensed, and renowned for their high-quality building services. Let’s explore each contractor to help you make an informed decision for your construction needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose experienced and licensed construction contractors for your building projects.
  • Consider their expertise in commercial or residential construction services.
  • Construction management companies can provide comprehensive project management solutions.
  • Construction project managers are skilled professionals who can ensure the smooth execution of your project.
  • Explore a trusted construction contractor directory to find reliable options.


SWINERTON is one of the leading construction contractors in the industry, based in Concord, California. With a rich history and a strong reputation, SWINERTON has established itself as a trusted name in the construction field. Led by CEO Eric Foster, the company specializes in general building construction projects, catering to both commercial and residential clients.

SWINERTON is known for its commitment to delivering exceptional results. With over 2,800 completed projects under their belt, their expertise and experience are evident in every construction endeavor. They take pride in their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and efficient project management.

One of SWINERTON’s notable strengths is their focus on transportation projects. They have successfully executed various projects related to transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges, and public transit systems. Their expertise in this sector sets them apart from other construction contractors.

The SWINERTON Difference

“At SWINERTON, we prioritize client satisfaction above all. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver customized solutions. From concept to completion, we strive to exceed their expectations, ensuring a smooth and successful construction journey.”

SWINERTON’s dedication to professionalism, integrity, and innovation has earned them long-term client relationships and numerous industry accolades. They consistently prioritize safety measures on their construction sites and adhere to strict quality standards.

For clients looking for a reliable and reputable construction contractor, SWINERTON is an excellent choice. Their track record of success, commitment to excellence, and expertise in building construction projects make them a preferred partner in the industry.

Contact SWINERTON today to discuss your construction needs and experience their top-notch services firsthand.

SWINERTON construction contractor


In the realm of construction contractors, DPR CONSTRUCTION is a leading name in the industry. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, our company is committed to delivering exceptional construction services for commercial projects. Under the capable leadership of Executive Vice President Jody Quinton, we have gained a strong reputation for our expertise in various areas, including general building, industrial process, and telecommunications.

At DPR CONSTRUCTION, we take pride in our portfolio of successful projects, including several confidential endeavors. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has earned us the trust and recognition of our clients throughout the commercial construction sector. Whether it’s designing modern office spaces or constructing state-of-the-art facilities, our team of skilled professionals consistently delivers outstanding results.

With a focus on fostering strong relationships with clients, architects, and subcontractors, DPR CONSTRUCTION embodies collaboration and effective communication. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project, while ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

“At DPR CONSTRUCTION, we are dedicated to creating spaces that inspire, transform, and leave a lasting impact. We are passionate about what we do, and our track record speaks for itself.”

As a highly respected commercial construction firm, we prioritize the use of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, allowing us to contribute to the development of environmentally conscious projects. By employing advanced construction methodologies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we strive to exceed client expectations and create spaces that stand the test of time.

Our Areas of Expertise

DPR CONSTRUCTION specializes in:

  • General building construction
  • Industrial process facilities
  • Telecommunications infrastructure

By combining our industry knowledge, technical expertise, and collaborative approach, we have successfully completed numerous projects that have set new standards in commercial construction. With a commitment to excellence at every stage of the construction process, DPR CONSTRUCTION is a reliable choice for all your commercial construction needs.

Project NameLocationType
ABC Office ComplexSan Francisco, CACommercial Office Building
XYZ Technology ParkLos Angeles, CAIndustrial Process Facility
123 Telecom TowerSeattle, WATelecommunications Infrastructure

We take pride in our diverse portfolio of successful projects, each of which showcases our ability to deliver exceptional results. At DPR CONSTRUCTION, we are ready to bring your vision to life, providing comprehensive construction solutions that meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.


No matter the complexity or scale of your commercial construction project, you can trust DPR CONSTRUCTION to be your reliable partner from start to finish. Contact us today to discuss your construction needs and embark on a successful journey with our experienced team.


In this section, we will take a closer look at HENSEL PHELPS, a leading construction contractor with expertise in construction management and a solid reputation in the industry.

Based in Irvine, California, HENSEL PHELPS is led by Executive Vice President Brad Jeanneret, who brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table. One notable project that highlights their capabilities is the successful completion of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Replacement Program in Torrance, California.

With a focus on general building, transportation, and sewerage/solid waste projects, HENSEL PHELPS showcases their versatility and ability to deliver outstanding results in various sectors of construction. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail have positioned them as a trusted name in the industry.

Construction Management Expertise

HENSEL PHELPS is known for their exceptional construction management capabilities. With a dedicated team of professionals, they ensure that every aspect of the construction project is efficiently planned, organized, and executed. Their systematic approach and attention to project schedules, budgets, and quality control set them apart from other construction contractors.

“Our construction management expertise allows us to effectively coordinate all aspects of a project, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. This results in successful project delivery and client satisfaction.”

Commitment to Sustainability

In line with the growing importance of sustainability in the construction industry, HENSEL PHELPS prioritizes environmentally friendly practices. They integrate sustainable design principles, utilize energy-efficient materials, and implement green building strategies to minimize the environmental impact of their projects.

Construction contractors

General BuildingHarbor-UCLA Medical Center Replacement Program
Sewerage/Solid WasteN/A

HENSEL PHELPS’ commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also helps clients reduce long-term operational costs and enhance the overall efficiency of their buildings.

In Conclusion

HENSEL PHELPS is a reputable construction contractor specializing in construction management, with a strong track record in general building, transportation, and sewerage/solid waste projects. Their dedication to delivering exceptional results, commitment to sustainability, and expertise in construction management make them a trusted choice for any construction project.


MCCARTHY BUILDING COS., headquartered in Newport Beach, California, is a leading construction contractor in the residential construction sector. Led by Regional President Mike Myers, we specialize in providing high-quality construction services for residential projects. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have successfully completed notable projects such as the Gaylord Pacific Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Chula Vista, California. Our focus lies in general building, power, and industrial process projects, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our Residential Construction Services

At MCCARTHY BUILDING COS., we offer a wide range of residential construction services to cater to various project requirements. Whether you need to build a new home, renovate an existing property, or add an extension, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

  • New home construction
  • Custom home building
  • Home remodeling and renovations
  • Room additions
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Interior design and finishes

Our Approach

With every residential construction project, we prioritize client satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail. Our team works closely with homeowners to understand their vision, requirements, and budget, ensuring that we deliver personalized solutions that exceed expectations.

At MCCARTHY BUILDING COS., we believe in transparency, open communication, and a collaborative approach. We strive to create lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust, professionalism, and the successful delivery of exceptional residential construction projects.


When it comes to construction projects, having a reliable and experienced construction contractor is crucial. DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC., based in Milpitas, California, is one such contractor that stands out in the industry. Led by President Gary Filizetti, DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. specializes in general building projects, offering high-quality construction services to clients.

With their strong presence in the industry, DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. has established a reputation for delivering exceptional results. While specific projects are not provided, their expertise in construction project management ensures that every project is executed with precision and efficiency.

When you choose DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. as your construction contractor, you can have confidence in their ability to manage your project effectively. From initial planning to final execution, their team of construction project managers will oversee every aspect of your construction project, ensuring that it is completed to the highest standards.

Whether you are planning a commercial or residential construction project, DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. is equipped to handle it with professionalism and expertise. Their commitment to delivering quality construction services sets them apart from other contractors in the industry.

Contact DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. today to discuss your construction needs and experience their reliable construction project management firsthand.


When it comes to top construction contractors in the industry, TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. stands out as a prominent name. Based in Anaheim, California, they have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional construction projects. Led by Executive Vice President Abrar Sheriff, TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. brings expertise in a variety of sectors, making them a valuable addition to any construction contractor directory.

“At TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO., our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. We take pride in our ability to successfully complete complex projects while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. With our expertise in general building, interior/tenant improvements, and transportation projects, we are dedicated to exceeding client expectations.”

One notable project completed by TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. is the San Diego International Airport (SDIA) New Terminal 1. This project exemplifies their ability to tackle large-scale developments with precision and efficiency. Their extensive experience and attention to detail make TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. a reliable choice for a wide range of construction needs.


  • Expertise in general building, interior/tenant improvements, and transportation projects.
  • Commitment to excellence, innovation, and exceeding client expectations.
  • A proven track record of successful project completions, including the San Diego International Airport (SDIA) New Terminal 1.
  • High standards of quality and safety.

TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. consistently delivers exceptional results, making them a trusted partner in the construction industry. Whether you are planning a commercial development, interior renovation, or transportation project, TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO. has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.


When it comes to construction projects, choosing the right contractor is crucial. The construction contractors mentioned above have proven track records, extensive experience in various sectors, and the necessary licenses to handle projects efficiently. Whether you require commercial or residential construction services, these licensed construction contractors can deliver exceptional results.

Construction projects demand expertise, precision, and attention to detail. With their industry experience and commitment to quality, these contractors are equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. Their reputable portfolios and successful project completions make them trustworthy choices for your construction needs.

Contact these licensed construction contractors today to discuss your specific project requirements in detail. By collaborating with experienced professionals, you can ensure that your construction project is executed with precision and delivered within budget and time constraints. Trust their expertise and let them bring your vision to life.


Are these construction contractors experienced?

Yes, all of the mentioned construction contractors have proven track records and extensive experience in the industry.

Do these contractors specialize in specific types of construction projects?

Yes, each contractor has expertise in various areas such as general building construction, industrial process projects, telecommunications, transportation, and residential construction.

Are these contractors licensed?

Absolutely, these contractors are licensed and have the necessary qualifications to handle construction projects efficiently and legally.

Can these contractors handle commercial construction projects?

Yes, many of the mentioned contractors have a strong reputation in the commercial construction industry and can handle a wide range of commercial projects.

Do these contractors provide residential construction services?

Yes, some of the contractors specialize in residential construction and have successfully completed projects in this sector.

Can these contractors manage construction projects?

Absolutely, several of the contractors mentioned have expertise in construction management and are capable of effectively managing construction projects from start to finish.

How can I contact these construction contractors?

For more information or to discuss your construction needs, you can reach out to these contractors directly through their respective websites or contact their offices.

Are these contractors available in my area?

While the contractors mentioned are based in California, they may also provide services in other areas. It is recommended to contact them directly to confirm their availability in your specific location.

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