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Home Addition

More Living Space Means More Room For You To Enjoy

If you've just moved into a home in the perfect location, but feel like you're constantly cramped, it may be time to explore the option of a home addition!

Adding extra space will not only allow you to not feel like you're on top of each other, it also gives you the ability to really make whatever room you're wanting to upgrade feel like its yours.

Whether you're living with in-laws and need a separate wing of the house just for them, or the primary bedroom in the home doesn't quite connect with the bathroom, a home addition will help everyone get what they want!

Here are some popular home additions upgrades:

Home Additions Increase Your Happiness And Home Value

When you add more square footage to your home, it's no secret that the extra space can significantly increase how comfortable you within your home. What doesn't always get discussed is how your home value will increase with the right home addition!

In fact, according to a recent study, a master suite addition has anywhere from a 56% - 69% recoup value. So not only are you getting to enjoy additional space, you'll see the value of your investment when it comes time to sell the home!

Home Addition

How our Home Addition Process Works

Our goal is for you to get the home addition you love, so we've built our process with you in mind. We value simplicity and transparency because it always provides the best outcome!


Step 1. Get In Touch

Please fill out the contact form to get started. The next step is for us to have a phone consultation to understand what you envision for your updated space!


Step 2. We'll Do The Work

After our on-site consultation where we'll discuss budget, timeline, and materials, we'll send over a final proposal. Upon approval, we'll begin construction on your agreed-upon project start date!


Step 3. Love Your New Space

After cleaning up, we'll do a post-job walkthrough together to ensure everything is as it should be. From there, your new space is yours to enjoy!

Home Addition Prices

Transparency Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do Because We Want You To Be In The Know! This Includes The Pricing Of Our Home Addition Construction Projects.

Base Home Additions*


This is typical for a 200-300 sq ft addition. A popular addition in this tier is a 200 sq ft master suite with a walk-in closet.

From ground break to completion in 14-18 weeks.

Average Home Addition

Average Home Additions*


This is typical for a 500-600 sq ft addition. A popular addition in this tier is a 550 sq ft upgrade of living space or bedrooms, a full bathroom and closet space customized as needed.

From ground break to completion in 18-22 weeks.

High-End Home Additions*


This is typical for a 900-1000 sq ft addition. A popular addition in this tier is a 900 sq ft upgrade of living space, 2 full bathrooms, and reconfiguring walls as needed. Includes other custom work.

From ground break to completion in 22+ weeks.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your square footage, choice of materials, appliances, and finishes. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique home addition after the in-house consultation.

Home Addition Cost Calculator

Building an addition to your home is a great way to add square footage to your house and make room for the things you love. In Seattle, it’s typical to spend between 25% and 75% of the value of your home on an addition. This means that if you have an $800,000 home, you should expect to budget anywhere between $200k and $600K for your project.

Besides the look you want and your favorite appliances, there are multiple factors that go into building an addition:

Use our calculators to get a more defined idea of what your home addition investment will look like.

Drag the sliders to adjust your values


This structure will include a bathroom or a kitchen.


Your Rough Estimate Is:


Bathroom size in square feet
Quality of appliances, materials, and complexity
Your Rough Estimate Is

Home Additions Gallery

If you're looking for inspiration for your next home addition project, we've got you covered! Check out our gallery below.

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