7 Luxurious Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love In Kirkland

a bath room with a bath tub a sink and a mirror.

Redesigning any part of your Kirkland home is an exciting adventure! But there’s more than that when it comes to your master bathroom because it’s essential to your comfort. If you’re planning to remodel the master bathroom in your home, there are several master bathroom ideas you can use to create your ideal space. This […]

The Pros and Cons of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

a bath room with a sink a mirror and a bath tub.

Thinking about starting a bathroom remodeling project? Considering a Jack and Jill bathroom? While researching styles of bathrooms, you may see a type called a Jack and Jill bathroom. Realtors use this phrase to describe a shared bathroom with doors attached to two bedrooms. These bathrooms usually have a single toilet, single shower or bathtub, […]